Welcome to Travel Hyke...

Travelhyke was founded in 2016 by Vikash Shaw, passionate traveler and entrepreneur. Started in 2016, Travelhyke is a one stop travel related service provider committed to delivering exceptional travel experiences to groups, leisure and corporate customers. Our Travel Advisers are highly trained in itinerary building and planning with deep knowledge of countries, demography and the finest places to visit for immersive journeys. We have a team of dedicated, experienced travel professionals making Travelhyke a go to partner for all your travel needs.

Whether you’re looking for a Group, Leisure or Corporate travel, we make sure with proper planning and execution we give you the best experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Our Aim is to provide life time experience while exploring the world with a local touch. Getting deeper into a country’s culture and living like a locale opens a new perspective about that country.


India is one of the most diverse, rich cultures, finest of architect heritage, spectacular landscapes, and largest tiger reserve. From North to South or East to West everything you see is immensely diverse, the language, culture, cuisine and most importantly Indian are one of the warmest and welcoming people on earth. In India where Cricket is a religion, people from all ages just live, sleep, eat and drink cricket. A Cricket match should be in a to-do list of people visiting India. The atmosphere and the experience watching a live cricket event will blow you away. With us you discover the abundant culture that awaits outside of India’s big cities through unique experience crafted to you by our Travel Advisers. “In the Land of Opulence let loose and discover yourself (Incredible India)”


Australia is a home to beautiful, natural and captivating landscapes in the world. World class exotic Beaches, Wildlife Sanctuary’s, State of Art Universities, and Popular Sporting events Like F1 Grand Prix, Australian Open, Big Bash Cricket League are major attractions of Australia.

Our Core Values

Passion/Expertise/Competitive Advantage/Industry Knowledge

With extensive industry knowledge and experience we design itineraries best suited to our customers’ need. Our Travel advisers do immersive research on every destination, keeping in mind current travel trends and using this insight to make great contents for our customers.

Quality Service/Prompt Response/Save Time

Quality and prompt service is our prime focus. We believe in quality service and on time service delivery, we have highly trained staff with great skill to solve complex problems in a given time limit. Our Team is well experienced in solving problems, responding and providing solutions with urgency. We strive to anticipate opportunities and potential issues to manage seamless travel for our customers.

Why to choose us?


As a company we want to become one of the most reputed companies around. We set high standards when it comes to honesty, integrity and doings what’s right. We deliver on our promise and are committed to meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding expectations.

100% Tailor-Made

With might be a young company, but our past 5 years experience has taught us to make a great itinerary one has to first be a passionate traveler. In the past 5 years we were fortunate enough to work with the best in travel industry business. We have collaborated with the best local guides and travel partners. Either Inbound or Outbound we have the finest of local supplier who help us to make an itinerary that stands out. 100% crafted and design as per your travel style.

Local Travel Experts

Being among the best in the business, we have gained immense knowledge in itinerary building. By collaborating with the finest of local guides and travel partners we bring you the best holiday for seamless journeys.

Unique Experiences

With distinctive activities, off the beat destinations and immersion in local life, our travel packages are above all, experiential. Experiential Tourism isn’t a new trend, but it continues to influence the travelers when it comes to choosing where to go next. More travelers are leaning towards local explorations, experience that help them to learn about local art, culture, food, history and adventure trips in and around the city since it is an opportunity for them to explore the city better. Here

Meet Our Team

With Our Passed Experience we follow innovative training and development program to develop our skills and expertise in all aspects of travel and customer service. Our Team has travelled extensively all over India, Dubai, South-East Asia, and Australia and knows the destinations inside out. We share firsthand knowledge, advice and are there to help you in every step. Whether your interest is in local street food, wildlife, architecture or walking tours, our team will ensure your holiday strikes the perfect balance for you. We don't simply organize things: we craft your holiday to make the most of the countries you visit, combining luxury, culture and a splash of adventure. We carefully listen to our customers’ requirement in order to deliver the right itineraries and experiences. We are committed to operate with highest standards of professionalism while continuing to improve on the qualities that make us stand out from other companies.

Our History

Travelhyke was founded in 2016 by Vikash Shaw, a passionate traveler and entrepreneur. After pursuing a Masters degree in Accounting and Finance in Australia, he worked rigorously for 8 years. The cliché’ lifestyle of doing the same things each day and everyday and lack of challenge at work made him quit his job eventually. Finally after quitting his job, he decided to come back to India after 10 long years in search of new opportunities. Vikash always wanted to startup a company either in India or Australia wherever the opportunities come from. All this time he has been travelling a fair bit both in Australia and India. While traveling to different cities in India he realised that tourism industry can offer a lot more and add more value to the people life and communities around. He felt traditional packages on offer lacked and missed the magical element of discovery he had experienced on his travels. An idea began to brew.

In early 2016 he began to lay the foundations for a travel business, exploring parts of India that most tour operators scarcely knew existed. The problem, he realised, was that traditional tours rushed people around the main sights, with no space for discovery, serendipity, or connection.

Being a non background field for him, he started to meet lots of people associated with travel industry. These interactions help him to get inside knowledge about the industry that helped him to make connections to various cities and countries. All this began to fall in right path and business started to gain momentum.

It soon became clear that this idea of getting deep into local community inspiring travelers to discover the abundant culture that lies beyond big cities set us apart. Everyone who travelled with us believed that there was a better way to travel. Team Travelhyke collaborated with local partners, small hotels and lodge owners, local guides and everyone in between who were passionate about creating experiences that revealed the real side of the destination. Together, we could create experiences that benefitted local communities and respected local customs, while making sure clients had a great experience.

As a company we want to facilitate genuine interactions, not prescribe every moment of your holiday. Because we know that, often, it’s the moments you can’t plan that turn into memories. Sometimes, they’re the moments that shape life altogether.


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