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TB Control Program is one of the core and flagship programmes of SHIS. Started in the year 1980 in small thatched Tea Stall in Bhangar, South 24 Parganas, the programme is currently expanded to 7 districts of West Bengal. With support from State TB Division, SHIS is currently implementing 7 Treatment Unit’s (TU’s), 9 DMC and 2 LT Schemes. Apart from this SHIS is also actively involved in Axshaya India TB Programme as a Sub-Recipient of World Vision India (Primary Recipient of Global Fund) to strengthen civil society involvement in TB Care and Control with guidance by overall national strategy for TB Control and WHO Stop TB Partnership. Through its innovative interventions focusing on Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilisation, Project Axshya is strengthening the Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) to achieve its objective of Universal Access to TB services. The key objective of this project is to create demand and social support for TB diagnosis and improving access to diagnosis and treatment of TB with a specific focus on RNTCP services such as Designated Microscopy Centre (DMC) and Directly Observed Treatment Short Course (DOTS).

Moreover, to increase TB Case detection in the outreach areas, 11 peripheral clinics supported by its diagnostic laboratories, SHIS is ensuring DOT (Direct Observed Treatment) through DOT providers who are mostly cured patients.

During the constant combat with Tuberculosis, SHIS is thankful to Dominique Lapierre for his continuous support inspite of his illness along with Dr. ZeacoumarChanemougame and Dr. Tobias Schueth for showing the right path at the right moment.

SHIS is committed from its inception to care & cure for TB patients. SHIS has now become an important part in the daily life for every TB patients right across the county and that is why we want you at the heart of the programme. We encourage you to take the opportunity to get involved in the TB Control Programme through the effort and support by Donation, as Volunteer, sponsoring Events and Trainings, fundingPatient Diet, contributing a certain amount as running cost for Dispensary and Laboratory.

In appreciation of your donation and sponsorship we would be displaying your name in the concerned Dispensary and Laboratory.

In recent effort SHIS as Sub-Recipient of Central TB Division for Global Fund engages Non Formal Health Providers (NFHPs) on behalf of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) in an innovative approach to identify TB symptomatics early in the course of their TB signs using Mobile Technology to put the TB patients on standard RNTCP regimen promptly. Therefore, mitigating the suffering and economic burden of protracted TB disease of the patients and their families and at the same time cut short the period of spread of TB infection.