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A unique concept - boat clinics - are offering crucial medical assistance, advice on family planning, and most importantly, hope to the millions living in the many small, flood-prone islands in Sunderbans where hospitals and dedicated medical centres are fewer and most of them are non-functional due to inadequate staffs and many times during the year, inaccessible. Along with the splendid natural beauty, Sunderban has its cup of woes. Intermittent floods by breaching of Embankment, heavy monsoon, and lack of pucca roads adversely affect the living conditions of this place. Since people live in 50 islands out of 100 scattered throughout Sunderban, it is difficult for them to travel around along the Canals, Creeks, Estuaries, criss-cross Rivers. A visit to the doctor may seem like a simple enough activity to many, but for the people of Sunderbanspecially pregnant women, it used to be a daunting task, one that required extensive planning followed by quick action specially when life comes to a standstill between dusk to dawn. After all, travelling in a country made boat over the temperamental River Sunderban to reach a health facility is not for the faint hearted.

Deployment of Mobile Medical Launch to various unnerved and underserved areas is a major challenge in Sunderban. Mobile Medical Launch is highly potential project & has the ability to penetrate deeper into the one of the most Geographically Challenged area in the World. Since a social worker always accompanies Mobile Medical Launch, wide reaching effects can be created through medical & other kinds of care. This potential is yet to be realized.

Each of the 4 Mobile Boat Dispensary includes accommodation for atleast 10 people, Mobile X-Ray, Small Pathological Unit, Medical Store Room, Medical Bed, Oxygen Cylinder, etc. The main objective is to provide round the clock health care with emergency health care during the monsoon season or disaster, treatment for major ailments through its Curative Services, RCH, referring medico emergency cases to nearest Government Health Facilities, etc. Beside Dominique Lapierre, whom every individual in Sunderban prefers to call him as 'Dominique Dada' and his equally illustrious wife Dominique Didi, there are many who have joined hand in hand with our beloved Dominique Dada to bring accessible, affordable and quality health care to the rural population, especially the vulnerable groups in Sunderbans. The expenses for the dispensary boat as well as the supplies are met by the support from Dominique Lapierre, with close support from Kathryn Spink, Pere & Maria LluisaRoquet, John & Susanne Graham, Friends of Italy, Foundation AREVA, Dominique and Mrs Florence DECOSTER, Jean-Leonard DE MEURON, Michele MIGONE, Cristina MONDADORI, Carlos and Mrs Caroline MORO, Olivier and Mrs Marie-Therese VERREY.

Moreover, we are specially thankful to Xander Van Meerwijk, Barbara Van Meerwijkalong with Merison Group and Dito Foundation as they have tirelessly supported us year after year, particularly two of our Boats inspite of many financial difficulties. Every year like Dominique Dada and Didi, Xander Van Meerwijit & Barbara Van Meerwijk along with their friends always used to accept us with open arms. SHIS Mobile Boat Dispensary journey till date could not have achieved without the close friendship and support of the aforementioned well-wishers who tirelessly maintained its funding inspite of drastic financial depreciation which all of them has faced.

Our Mobile Boat Dispensary needs your support to continue the effort to reach the unreached. While we are actively engaged to provide our best of services and to go even further.Your support is crucial to our efforts therefore you can support us by sponsoring our Medical Camps, by giving Medicine to save lives, donating a certain amount as running cost for Mobile Boat Dispensary or even by volunteering.

In appreciation of your donation and sponsorship we would be displaying your name in the Mobile Boat Dispensary.

Mobile Medical Unit

Mobile Medical Units are operated in partnership with National Health Mission (NHM) to reach out to poor and underserved populations specially those who are living in the most geographically challenged areas. The initiatives bring healthcare to the doorstep of rural people. The free clinics are staffed by a qualified Doctor, Nurse, X-Ray Technician, Laboratory Technician, Pharmacist and provide medical check-ups, investigation facilities, awareness programmes, medication, follow-ups and refers patients to nearest PHC.

SHIS is currently having such services in Land as well as in River. In Land, the services are being implemented in Uttar Dinajpur District by using 4- Wheeler. Every day the Medical team visits a village in remote & inaccessible parts to meet the needs of medical services. With a properly planned schedule, the team visits one village every day. Similarly, in Sunderban Riverine area (5 Blocks comprising North and South 24 Parganas District), 4 Launches are being used to extend free medical services.