Mon-Fri / 9:00 AM - 19:00 PM

Volunteers from different countries, viz., Germany, France, South Korea, Australia are regularly visiting SHIS and helping SHIS in its social development activity by offering their free services to the people with utmost care and affection and learning from methods and style adopted by SHIS. SHIS is very much thankful to them for their generosity to extend their cooperating hand in implementing activities, specially the education program and provide an opportunity to exchange socio and cultural values of the host and guest country. The seed motto of SHIS is to serve the community relentlessly in the diversified fields like health care in different stream, athology, school, herbal technology, micro credit, deaf and dumb center and others. People from many countries have volunteered to render their service to the cause of mankind. It is not possible for few of the people to serve the larger community.

If you wish to render your voluntary service, SHIS shall welcome you. Please write your backgrounds and desire for such voluntary participation by filing in the form below.