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Thirty-Four years is a long time. In that time, India has gone through man ups and downs, put its first lunar (moon) probe, Chandrayaan-1, witnessed the expansion of the Internet with 4G, connection with friends and family through social media. Throughout all the changes, SHIS has been steadfast in its commitment to underserved and unserved population, focusing most of its activities in the outreach remote areas of West Bengal. We started the year 2016-2017 with concern, because of the resource crisis, which is constantly becoming a major issue. Inspite of such difficulties, SHIS gradually making steady progress towards fulfilling its goal and mission. We made sure that the growth achieved during this difficult period was in accordance with SHIS’s principles and values. It is always too easy to take shortcuts and the easy way out but we are proud to note that we have never compromised on our beliefs. In order to manage, internalize and control the growth during this current crisis, we had to have a focused vision and an extremely focused code of conduct that every member of the SHIS family had to adhere to.

SHIS has been successful in instituting values pertaining to transparency, accountability, efficiency and especially a passion to serve the poor at all levels of its management. It will keep on moving with demand-driven sustainable progressive programmes for basic health care, TB control, education empowerment, environment change adaptation and poverty alleviation. The upcoming challenge of SHIS will be to mobilize necessary resources for its various development activities. During the reporting period SHIS started to give emphasize on sustainable options of its various project and this Annual

Report highlights the major initiative and achievements of such activities for the year 2016 – 2017. Moreover, a total of 2,856,753 program participants are involved with implementation activities and thus contributing to different dimensions of the community development. The readers will also get some useful information from the report about the people, whom we are working for and their struggle,enthusiasm and hard work for better life.

My sincere gratitude to all our grants resource sharing donor and lead agencies at national and international level, specially our beloved Dominique Dada and Dominique Didi through City of Joy Aid, Kathryn Spink, Dr. Helgo Meyer Hamme, SARI of France, Muslim Charity U.K., Ali. Sk. e.V. of Germany, Sightsavers, World Vision India, National Health Mission, Health & Family Welfare Department, Americares, Central and State TB Division, Rotary Club of Calcutta and various other, well-wishers. Prudent and visionary guidance of our beloved Brother Gaston Dayanand and the members of Executive & General body have been instrumental in further consolidating the outstanding image of SHIS. The relentless and sincere efforts of the highly committed staff of SHIS made all its activities a reality in the ground in a very efficient manner.

With the firm belief in their continuous support in future, I take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to all of them. I am also thankful to our valued program participants and all other relevant stakeholders for their sincere concern, keenness and positive role in SHIS process.

With best wishes.
M. A. Wohab