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The nation cannot thrive properly keeping thedisabled people on the side track. SHIS is working with a view to train the Deaf & Dumb children to learn to speak with an ultimate goal to integrate them to the mainstream education system. SHIS embarked upon to do something for the hearing-impaired children and established 'Deaf & Dumb School', which is nonresidential and nonprofit endeavourfor providing them speech and education with all sorts of audiological tests and supply of hearing aids and accessories. All the children at Deaf & Dumb School, including the ones with severe or profound hearing loss, acquire language and speech skills. The barrier imposed by the hearing loss is overcome through appropriate.

Since inception of the school many Deaf & Dumb children got admission of which a large proportion has integrated to main stream education. Some of them are now in college for higher education and a good no. of them have established in the society as useful citizen. SHIS is immensely thankful to Dr. Helgo Meyer Hammeof Helgoe.V. of Germany for his sincere devotion to our cause for the hearing-impaired children, who were ignored with new hope to receive education and empowerment in the least possible way. With his humble root, Dr. Helgo Meyer Hamme created a major impact on the lives of the children by providing them with rare educational opportunityby his dedication, attention and open-minded thinking along with his readiness to help promptly on response to our requests. SHIS is really happy to have him with us, and we are looking forward to work with him as we move into the next year.

As SHIS is providing free education for the Hearing-Impaired Children, we therefore look forward to your kind support as Educational Material with Furniture & Fixture, Hearing Aid, Medical and Hearing Aid Maintenance Cost, part Administrative Expenditure, sponsoring Life Development Skills, supporting Mid-Day Meal, etc.

In recognition to your valued contribution, we will be displaying your names on the wall the school building, sponsored equipment’s, furniture and fixture, etc.