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The project is creating educational opportunities for child labourers and kids from extremely underprivileged families in Howrah. To help them break out of the vicious circle of poverty and lack of education, we see that special support for these families is needed on many levels including tuition, counseling and other social work. Overall, we are committed to focus on quality and impact rather than quantity - instead of just supporting the largest possible number of children we want to make sure that each child's individual situation and needs are considered.

  • Students in Bridge School: 16
  • Students in Coaching Centre: 44
  • Students sponsored at other schools: 07

Currently we are planning to extend our nascent primary (bridge) school for those children in Tikiapara, Howrah. The school is intended to teach a good understanding of basic concepts as well as develop the childrens’ personality holistically - in contrast to many local schools' focus on rote learning. At the moment, the school comprises only a small team and 16 students. This is set to grow steadily over the next years but the school is intended to stay personal with a focus on quality education. Additionally, in a second location our tuition centre is bridging the gaps of the supported students, while our social workers make sure they attend their classes at a public school regularly. The project is supported by AktionLebenshilfe fur IndiensStrassenkinder e.V. (Ali Sk. e.V.) of Germany. With his humble root, Dr. Helgo Meyer Hamme created a major impact on the lives of the children by providing them with rare educational opportunityby his dedication, attention and open-minded thinking along with his readiness to help promptly on response to our requests. SHIS is really happy to have him with us, and we are looking forward to work with him as we move into the next year.