Support to the Migrant Workers in our field areas

  • Advocacy with GP, links with govt department mechanisms for linking 163 migrant workers stuck in different parts on India for their safe return
  • 42 migrant workers provided with dry ration stuck in Gujarat and Pune through advocacy and networking
  • Translation of a booklet in Bengali (written by Nandita Haskar) on the migrant crisis
Livelihood Activities done in 2017-18

We initiated our livelihoods activities in South 24 Parganas, in 2 Gram PanchayatsDakshin Gangadharpur and Sreenarayanpr Purnachandrapur GP. The activities undertaken includes- mushroom cultivation, vermicompost production, nursery, incense making, stitching and embroidery.

Toilet construction in 100 households by the women’s cluster initiative was supported by the Gram Panchayat for the first time in Dakshin Gangadharpur GP.

Relief Activities- Covid
  • Dry ration distribution in collaboration with GP and NJC
  • Women elected leaders very active
  • In relief distribution process 81 local volunteers provided regular support along with 59 members of Nari Jagaran Committee who led from the front starting with selection of beneficiaries, assessment of the need, sorting the relief materials, preparing master-rolls and managing distribution of relief materials.
  • More than 6000 women and their families were provided relief-dry ration, housing materials, menstrual hygiene materials etc
  • More than 250 women survivors of violence and vulnerable children were provided with ration repeatedly
Reaching out on Covid and gender issues stemming from complexities
  • 34 public awareness camps and 475 door to door campaign on covid across 10 GPs
  • Reached out to more 4000 people
  • 382 banners and posters carrying 16 type of messages on covid related issues were put up across 6 GPs

Covid Test Camp in Villages
  • Fear of test, reporting symptoms kept the isolation centre established in collaboration with Sreenarayanpur Purnachandrapur GP in Pathar Parotima Block empty inspite of the local government creating awareness on the same
  • 5covid test camps conducted in 2 GPs- Sreenarayanpur Purnachandrapur & Dakshin Gangadharpur in Soutyh 24 Parganas reaching out to more than 637 people in collaboration with BMOH, Pathar Protima.

Community Kitchen & Cooked Meals
  • Meal support to 70 p atients hospitalized in Pathar Protima BPHC of Sunderban , either with covid or were in quarantine
  • 640 meal support was also provided to vulnerable families, local health workers and covid warriors working tirelessly.
Covid Safe Home in Sunderbans

1 safe home with 8 beds started in Sreenarayanpur Purnachandrapur GP in Pathar Pratima Block, South 24 Parganas in Collaboration with the GP.