Our Work with Children

We promote the idea of Child Rights within the community and hold awareness programmes to educate all. But we believe, Child Rights should not be kept as an understanding or information only. We take measures to intervene where incidences like child marriage, punitive parenting, child trafficking etc happens.

We have adopted Child Parliament as a model to encourage child participation, leadership and strengthen life skills like self-awareness, empathy, critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, effective communication, interpersonal relationship & coping with stress, emotions.

Our objectives:

  • Improve capacity of children to enable them to come in touch with their abilities and potentials, strengthen skills that shape life outcomes & provide leadership within schools and community by voicing their opinions as well as addressing issues that concern them.
  • Create an enabling and improved ecosystem around the children by creating better practices among institutions that affect the lives of children (Primary Schools, Family, Local Gram Panchayat) particularly in the areas of child development & protection- thus furthering child rights.