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We value hard work of entrepreneurs and innovation.

Aligned Interests,
Decision Making

Through Bhaavee Capital, we make early stage investments in startups that combine a massive opportunity for financial success and the potential to transform the industries. Our Partners and principles draws a wealth of expertise, personal relationships and investment experience to help our portfolio companies develop growth strategies, raise capital and recruit talent.

We also provide advisory services and help early or late stage companies in raising equity or debt capital. Every year we see a stream of quality investment opportunities from our network of strategic sources, universities, research institutes and organizations that provides us the ability to compare companies, conduct due diligence and invest or raise capital.

Bhaavee Capital investment team is deeply integrated in the venture community where they have built longstanding relationships with successful entrepreneurs and co-investors. Our team members have helped successfully build companies to deliver positive returns through IPOs and M&A transactions both as investors and as operating managers in a variety of sectors including Healthcare, Big Data analytics, Business applications, Security and Technology enabled services, Financial Services and e- commerce.

We invest and partner with US growth stage companies for expansion into Indian market through combining our knowledge, financial strength and understanding of one of the most complex and largest emerging economy.

Accelerating Success

We are able to accelerate the success of our companies by connecting them with markets, customers, corporate partners, technologies, other investors, other startups, and strategic resources around the world. We provide our startups with the contacts, insights, and expertise we have developed over decades to accelerate revenues and growth. From the beginning, we help our companies plan for successful exits by positioning them strategically in the competitive startup marketplace.

Investment Size

Bhabee Capital typically invests $100K-$1million during the period in which it is involved with a company.

Sector Focus
  • Clean Energy & Efficiency

  • Education

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Consumer & Enterprise Software

  • Technology

  • Financial Services and FinTech

  • Sports and Entertainment

Company Stage

Focus on Early Stage and Growth Stage Companies

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